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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cash Back credit card and reward: You Can not Refuse Buy

Competition for business credit card has been heated so widely that the bank actually paid to men-download credit card from them. Almost all large banks now offer credit card issuer that provides bonuses for using their cards. Consider the next menu you can find sites on the Internet where you can now apply for a card on-line.

Cash Back Credit Card

This card returns to your money in the form of control. Many of the transactions, such as card offers 5% cash back on purchases at grocery stores, drug stores and gas station. In most cases, a large network of shops where you can still buy. It, money cards typically offer 1% cash back garansi for all other purchases. Some cards offer higher cash back percentage for a particular gas station or store to buy food and medicines or products.

Little quick math shows how the value of financial claims can be returned. Assume that the family of four with two cars. Spent $ 600 per month in retail shops, $ 100 in drug stores, and $ 200 per pump. If you pay for purchases using credit card, cash or paper check is $ 900 per month, where you get 5% cash back. From $ 45 per month to be returned to you. Assume that, in addition you can use another card worth $ 500 for the purchase of other conditions to meet the 1%, which adds another $ 5 for your money box, with the amount of $ 50 per month, or $ 600 per year back to you. Not so bad, only with a credit card.

Dar Credit Cards

Some credit cards offer reward points that counted as a bonus gift certificate in the name of the shop dikonversi such as Best Buy, Home Depot and Macy's. Other cards offer rewards in the form of frequent flyer miles for use in flight.

Say you use the card to fill the $ 1000 per month for items that you would normally pay cash. Production of just your money, now you also receive a gift voucher to purchase goods or frequent flyer miles for completing the 12.000 per year. And some cards offer bonus for use of the first card - so miles, you will also be 15,000 kilometers, the number of years 27,000 miles - enough free tickets to anywhere in the United States.

Use card Memaksimalkan

Of course, the key card recovery begins by selecting one of the best to buy their own music. Compare credit card offers on-line and find a reasonable offer for your lifestyle. If you have a large family and many buying food to 5% cash back card the best. If you fly often and can use Frequent Flier miles, a card.

Then be sure to maximize the use of cards to increase their profits. Use the card whenever you can. Set up to pay bills via credit card, such as gas and electricity, doctor, dentist and accounts - as many monthly charges on a regular basis can use your credit card.

Still more amazing - Sign Up Perks

What is really confusing is that many banks also offer a great incentive to sign their cards. If you find you do not just offer money back and / or gifts, but the bank also has 0% financing for 12 months of April and then transfer the balance to buy new, and to boot, no annual fee.

All in all, today released the credit card banks hungry for your business and become very competitive in creating a campaign to attract you to apply for their cards. That really can not imagine why that person does not happen for a reward or cash back credit card if you have everything to gain and nothing bad.

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