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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good Bad Credit Card!

Today's topics rather "simple and relaxed" a little because I will not be debated in length. Generally, many of us including you and I use credit cards for daily use.

Have you ever wondered, what benefits and benefits given by the time we apply for a credit card from the bank? Sure that the answer is easy for shopping without carrying any cash. The same slogan Diwar-warkan by the bank.

Therefore, below I have to list some good and evils have this credit card. Jom kita tengok: --

Good credit card:

1. Pay goods and services
2. Take advantage of discounts on sales / purchase in bulk
3. Overcome temporary financial
4. Able to try products without paying in cash
5. As a technique for combining a small debt to a debt only.
6. Stimulate the economy.
Disadvantages credit card:

1. Contract / credit card agreement is difficult to understand
2. Did not realize the value of interest along with the fees charged
3. Who had purchased goods in the pull-back for not paying monthly installments
4. Encourage excessive spending
5. Price can be increased by 2-fold - price + interest
6. Monthly income had decreased due to repayment
7. Value is increased if the benefits do not pay installments
8. Owe more than the ability

If you do not have a credit card, renung-Renungkanlah what I list above. Little of it provides a guide to whether you want to have a credit card or vice versa.

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